Well we shouldn’t be surprised. We already knew he was a crackpot.

Not everyone is ‘stoked’ though.

For a rational human being, ancient aliens are more believable than the notion that Democrats act in a bipartisan manner. Tsoukalos is clearly irrational.

Only now?

“Melting pot” implied that people assimilated into one culture. People came here because they wanted to be Americans. Now many come simply because they want to be in America. The ones who want to be Americans follow America’s rules.

Tsoukalos follows the same willfully ignorant reasoning that people who oppose amnesty and illegal immigration are somehow anti-immigration or anti-immigrant.

It’s a falsehood to say that people who oppose amnesty are a “bitter anti-immigrant crowd.” Most simply believe in the rule of law. Broken laws need to be fixed, not ignored.

(hat tip @DrActorKJ)



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