Remember the online treehugger freakout over hunter Kendall Jones? Well another female hunter is getting the WE WANT TO SEE YOU DEAD treatment from the oh-so tolerant and scientific animal rights crowd.

Nothing says “war on women” quite like the fanatical reaction to a female hunter photographed with a successful—and LEGAL—kill. The left wing nuts who get incensed about hunting are probably the same people who attack conservatives for being “anti-science.” Wildlife conservation is rooted in science and hunting plays a role in maintaining healthy populations.

So bear hunters should be ‘in the closet?’

^^^ This guy just scored a hat trick in being irrational. Little wonder he deleted two of those tweets.

Imagine all the support she’d have from these people if she were killing babies.

Hunting is evil. Wishing for someone to get shot in the head is good. Go figure.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, and no would be our guess. He does attack people on the internet though. That takes courage.