Editor’s Note: Oops. We assumed the photo being shared on Twitter was a current one since the dreaded “cracker” debate has once again been in the news. See: Rep. Charles Rangel says he thought cracker was ‘a term of endearment’ and ‘Social media works!’ Twitter pressure helps suspend teacher who tweeted ‘crackers’ should ‘Kill yourselves’. We should have known better because we even did a post about CNN’s discussion of it when it aired last year. At last: CNN’s expert panel tackles ‘N-word vs. cracker’ debate. So, this critical discussion clearly did not take place to distract from the GOP wave as we facetiously suggested. Mea culpa.



You can tell how important it is because Geordi LaForge isn’t even wearing his visor.

It takes a crack journalistic team to not recognize when they’ve answered their own question.

If only we weren’t such a nation of cowards.