Alan Grayson thinks he knows why the GOP clobbered the Democrats last week.

Really? How original.

Grayson keeps a Tumblr blog which he peppers randomly with boldfaced links to his fundraising platform. According to this entry, Grayson came up with this Obama hatred theory while eavesdropping on a family of strangers he was following around Disney World. (Ponder THAT image for a while.)

For the record, the high temperature in Orlando last Wednesday was 82 degrees. It was sunny. EPCOT was holding its annual Food and Wine Festival, which is spectacular. It didn’t seem like there was much to cry about. But kids being kids, there must have been something that upset little Shawn.

Maybe Shawn was angry that Goofy had never said a word to him. Maybe he wanted to go on Space Mountain again – which, unfortunately for him, is located in the Magic Kingdom, not EPCOT. Maybe he wanted one of those Mickey-shaped popsicles, and he didn’t get one. I’m not sure why Shawn was crying, but I am sure – absolutely certain — that President Barack Obama was not the cause of little Shawn’s grief. Yet that’s what Daddy told Shawn. Shouted at Shawn, actually

That’s when Grayson chloroformed them and put them in the trunk of his car. Not really.

But that settles it. It goes without saying that this father was speaking without even a hint of flippancy or humor and his sentiment can be extrapolated to most of the electorate. That’s not crazy at all.

Strangely some of the push back against Grayson’s assertion came from Democrats.

Not all of it though.

The really weird thing here is that when it’s not evoking the scrawled diary of a serial killer, Grayson’s post actually makes a good point.

It has been noted widely that the Democrats ran an issueless, issue-phobic campaign. For them, this campaign was like the Jerry Seinfeld Show – a show about nothing. The primary issue put forth by the House Democrats was that there should be a law against lower pay for women doing the same work as men. Well, there already is such a law. It’s called the Equal Pay Act, and it was enacted in 1963, when I was five years old. When this was pointed out to some Democrats, they gave the Emily Litella response: “Nevermind.”

While Grayson acknowledges the lie, he can’t put two and two together. Maybe people rejected the Democrats because they ran on the same sort of lies the Obama administration has been telling voters for years?

Nope. Hate, obviously.