Liberals are funniest when they lose.

Fresh off her epic tirade in which she—among other things— besmirched the parenting skills of anyone who isn’t a lock-step liberal Democrat drone, actress Nancy Lee Grahn is back at it.

Good thing she’s just reading the scripts and not writing them. What does that even mean? Your guess is as good as ours.

That would be some powerful stuff.

Whoa, is she calling out Debbie Wasserman Schultz? That’s hilarious. For years Debbie has lied through her teeth so badly it even makes some conservatives embarrassed for her awkwardness. For years  Dems haven’t said a word to criticize her, but lose an election and boom, scapegoat time. Of course the DNC is only about raising money, not setting the political agenda.

The real problem can’t be President Mom-Jeans though. That would be racist. Everyone knows that Barack Obama is beyond criticism and any policy disagreements with him are just about his race. Funny how voters elected Mia Love and Tim Scott though. Go figure.

Shocking. Hard to imagine. Maybe they should put Nancy in charge.



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