Nowadays if someone sees a bad Halloween costume, it’s going to end up on internet. Halloween is still a few days away and we’ve already found some really bad costume ideas on Twitter.

When you’re a kid knocking on strangers’ doors at night asking for candy, naturally the first rule is “safety first.” This costume could not be less safe it was made out of broken glass.

Tobacco marketing aimed at kids is just getting ridiculous.

Watch out for rubber bullets.

Seriously, have some self respect. Actually this one could lead to some awkward situations if fellow party goers have had too much to drink

“Prison Princess” is probably also a euphemism for something we’d rather not discuss here.

Just no. Seriously. No.

Why not just use a real ice bucket?

This one’s for the people who really want to dress up as a major Obama administration foreign policy initiative.

No wonder the CDC needed to change those protocols.

It looks like Charles Clymer morphing into “Rodan.”