As if the situation in Ferguson hasn’t been crazy enough, Bella Eiko,who has been live-streaming her protest activities is being called out for neglecting her baby while she broadcasts from the streets of Ferguson. Some viewers of her stream claim to have seen her return to her car to find a crying baby inside and called Child Protective Services. The stream containing that footage is alleged to have been deleted.

Some social justice warriors didn’t like people interfering with the protest over concern for a child’s welfare.

Apparently @krissmissed has a Tumblr blog where she identifies herself as a “Promoter of sex-positivity, social justice, science, and silliness.” She archived some of this Twitter discussion on her site. Her commentary:

Female activists, especially mothers, esp WOC, are targets for slut-shaming, doxxing, CPS calls, stalking, etc, in an effort to silence them.

What can appear to be isolated incidents of harassment are actually part of systemic classist, racist, and misogynistic tactics to prevent and punish entire groups of people in speaking out for social justice.

We don’t know if actual neglect occurred. The accusers have said Bella deleted the stream that contained the evidence. If you watch some of the video still on Bella Eiko’s Livestream channel, you can tell it’s pretty cold outside, so if someone’s leaving a baby in a car for an extended period of time, that’s a problem.

Naturally the social justice warriors encourage retaliation.

This response from Bella herself is pretty chilling though.

Full text of the tweet:

@stackizshort @BJ35558078 Oh Yeah… apparently I neglect my son. If they take my baby I’ll have nothing to lose so go ahead trolls… give me that freedom.