Anybody hungry?

Environmentalists are typically hellbent on telling other  people how to live their lives but this may be going a little too far. From the Newsweek article:

Unlike larger animals like chickens or cows, crickets “love to be crowded together in the dark,” said Harmon Johar, chief innovation officer of food company Aspire. “You can stack boxes of these things on top of each other—these crickets don’t mind,” added Johar, who first started raising crickets in his dorm-room closet when he was a student at the University of Georgia.

We’re guessing Johar didn’t have a lot of friends in college.

Most vegetarians and animal welfare activists seem to view the idea of entomophagy positively, at least compared with other types of animal eating, Johar said.

Crickets are usually killed by being slowly cooled and eventually frozen. But before they die, they go into a hibernation-like state that occurs during natural cold spells.

“We call it karma killing—no fear, no pain, no panic,” Harmon said.

Eat crickets because it’s totes good for the crickets. Or something.

So far Twitter isn’t really enthusiastic about the suggestion.

Yeah, sure, lots of people around the world enjoy eating different kinds of insects. Then again we’re always being yelled at for appropriating other people’s cultures so what can we do?