Seems like he’s saying that the tides are part of the climate.

There’s a picture of the Senator verifying that it is indeed water coming from the storm drain. (What did we pay for this boondoggle?)

“King Tide” occurs when the Earth, the Moon, and the Sun all align in such a way that the increased gravitational pull causes an extreme high tide which can do damage to structures close to the water.  Every C student in Earth Science knows that gravity causes tides.

Tagging pictures of a king tide with #ActOnClimate is likely intended to make some people think that the extreme tide is caused by climate change. For those who don’t default to that, you can make the claim that this predictable cyclical event will be made more extreme by the global warming that hasn’t happened in nearly two decades. The scare mongering then justifies higher taxes and more government power.

They can’t do that. They’ll have you believe they can alter the entire planet but they can’t do arithmetic.