Left wing pundits are always prattling on about nuance, which is funny because most of them wouldn’t recognize sarcasm or irony—or funny, to be quite honest— if it hit them in the face with a canoe paddle. Yet, most of them are downright quick compared to the typical stable of poo-flingers at Wonkette.com.

The sarcastic tweet in question:

Wonkette’s Gary Legum seized upon it in order to create this monument to ineptitude. Girl Secret Service Director’s Resignation Is Obama’s Latest Attack On Women, According To Idiots

This leaves us with just one important question: How long will it take the wingnuts to blame Pierson’s resignation on Obama leading the real War on Women?

It’s a bit sad, really. Imagine going through life not being able to tell when people are making fun of you. There ought to be a telethon or something for these people.

That’s especially evident in this case.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 5.50.58 PM


“SEE! HE ADMITS TO BEING IGNORANT AND A MISOGYNIST!!!” is what one might say if one were as perceptive as Mr. Legum.

One can only assume that the following tweet is directed at RBPundit. Legum has conveniently avoided mentioning him by name though.




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