The North Korean strong man hasn’t been seen in public for almost a month. People are speculating that he may be having health issues.

According to Chosun Media:

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been out of the public eye for 20 days since attending a concert on Sept. 3 with his wife Ri Sol-ju.

This has led to speculation that he is ill. In July he was seen on state TV in July with a slight limp in his right leg and again earlier this month limping on his left leg.

Korea Joongang Daily reports:

Analysts believe it’s possible that the young leader may have a health issue. Footage from a North Korean television broadcast last month showed that Kim had been walking with a slight limp in July and August.

“We have intelligence that he was wounded during a sporting activity,” another official said. “We are verifying the information.”

Or maybe cheese?

Part of how dictators maintain their power is constantly being visible. It’s significant that he hasn’t been seen in so long.



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