The unrest in Ferguson, Missouri has inspired some groups of urban blacks to exercise their Second Amendment rights and open carry rights in states where they exist. The #BlackOpenCarry hashtag was met with near unanimous support from conservatives and 2A activists despite a few differences of opinion about politics.

Naturally there was some political friction between constituencies that often vote opposite each other. It really had nothing to do with thinking race somehow determines whether someone has the same 2nd Amendment rights though. The differences were about labeling and underlying politics.

Conservatives tend to oppose hyphenated labels and identity politics in general, and urban blacks naturally have a different concept from rural whites as to what they may need to defend themselves from. None of that should matter if the question is about exercising a Constitutionally protected natural right. You shouldn’t have to justify why you want to defend yourself any more than you should have to justify why you want to speak or assemble freely. Your average pro-2A tea party activist isn’t necessarily going to have the same reasons for wanting to exercise his gun rights as a member of the Huey P Newton Gun Club. It doesn’t matter as long as they’re both law abiding citizens.

True, but the remember that it was only a couple of months ago that the NRA called open carry demonstrations “downright weird” then had to retract after a lot of bad press. No one should expect the NRA to be vocally supportive of such demonstrations or ascribe any racial motives.

The question is whether members of the black open carry movement will continue to support Democrats who overwhelmingly support curtailing everyone’s Second Amendment rights.