New Hampshire Republicans have been making an issue about Democrat Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s apparent reluctance to participate in public town hall style meetings.  They say she’s too “chicken.”

Seen outside Lindy's before Sen. Jeanne Shaheen's event today. #nhpolitics #nhsen

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File footage:

Jeanne Shaheen has a chicken, Hillary Clinton has a squirrel, what’s next?


Maybe someone will start following Harry Reid around wearing a weasel costume.

OK, we get the chicken joke and everything, but maybe it’s time for GOPers to come up with a stunt that doesn’t involve dressing like somebody who just got kicked out of a furry convention.

Editor’s note: A typo in Sen. Shaheen’s name has been corrected. Twitchy apologizes for the error.



Hillary Clinton dogged by gigantic Republican squirrel