The riots in Ferguson, Missouri sparked by the police shooting of Michael Brown have dominated social media tonight. Police are claiming Michael Brown was shot after a violent confrontation, while citizens are saying otherwise. An initially peaceful protest descended into rioting and looting.

Daily Beast reporter Olivia Nuzzi posted this tweet at 11:39 PM, August 10.

Olivia Nuzzi Tweet

That might have been a good question to ask about a peaceful protest, but by 11:39 PM, the protest had already turned violent.

While as far as we know the protesters haven’t unjustly killed anyone, they have unjustly destroyed or stolen the property of neighborhood businesses, none of whom are responsible for Michael Brown’s death, whether just or unjust.

Nuzzi deleted the tweet shortly after posting it and this appeared in her timeline.

We’re not certain that the “rush to judgement” to which she is referring is the deleted tweet, but it would seem so.



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