It was nothing extraordinary. Piano player John Legend was just joining the left wing anti-Israel chorus. Conservative pundit and editor of “Commentary” magazine John Podhoretz responded with a variation on a stock conservative phrase.


So naturally the left’s one-track hive-mind decided to accuse Podhoretz of—what else—racism. How original.

Of course, only the willfully ignorant would fail to recognize Podhoretz’s tweet as a riff on Laura Ingraham’s catch phrase and book title. Chances are the instigators are well aware and simply saw this as an opportunity to push a false narrative among liberals who don’t read enough to be cognizant of bestselling titles written by conservatives.

Apparently the inane response from these and similar drones was significant enough to make Podhoretz delete his Twitter account entirely. Mission accomplished for the word-burning left who seeks first to poison wells and silence their opposition.



Podhoretz is up and at ’em.