“Certain death?” Really?

Is there a genocide or plague occurring in Central America that only O’Malley is aware of? Or is Marty just being his usual overly dramatic self?

Keep in mind that O’Malley is a staunch abortion supporter, so “certain death” for kids doesn’t always trouble him.

Baltimore is still on the table? That might be more dangerous than wherever these illegal immigrant kids came from.

The Politico article gives O’Malley some cover by saying he opposed putting the kids in “western” Maryland because *gasp* “it’s a conservative part of the state.”

Hours after the Maryland governor and prospective 2016 presidential candidate became the most prominent Democrat to criticize the White House on the issue, Domestic Policy Director Cecilia Muñoz called O’Malley to complain.

But before they hung up, O’Malley told Muñoz not to send any of the children to the facility in Westminster, Md., that the White House was looking at. It’s a conservative part of the state, he warned. The children were at risk of getting harassed, or worse, he said.

The community of Westminster was not consulted and residents were naturally upset that the Obama Administration’s failures along the southern U.S. border were going to disrupt their town. Protests were planned until Congressman Andy Harris and local officials were able to stop the Westminster site from being used.

Suggesting that the children would be in danger there is laughable, but to really sell it, O’Malley now has the Maryland State Police investigating an instance of poorly spelled graffiti as a “hate crime.”

O’Malley is likely more concerned about how the inevitable news stories about protests would damage his image as a presidential candidate and his Lieutenant Governor’s image as a gubernatorial candidate. Lt. Governor Anthony Brown is already saddled with his colossal failure implementing the state’s Obamacare exchange and voters are already demanding to know where he stands on the border crisis.

Too many big Democrat donors there for that to ever happen.

Heh. Let’s hope so.



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