Mother Jones “senior reporter” Tim Murphy seems to be a rather gullible sort.

He’s referring to the meme created to attack Holly Fisher, an American mother who dared question the wisdom of Obamacare. After hearing the president repeatedly promise that people who liked their doctors could keep their doctors, the cardiologist treating Fisher’s daughter was no longer covered under their new Obama approved insurance plan. Only a right wing extremist would complain about something like that.

After being inundated with hate, she kept a smile on her face and tweeted some pictures meant to tweak her detractors.  This resulted in the meme in question—equating an American Christian who supports the Second Amendment with a fanatical Muslim Jihadi. The comparison was even deemed valid by such bastions of liberal thought like



Does Murphy really think this sort of thing is that out of the ordinary for the left?

To a leftist, Holly is a “total troll.” On the other hand, the folks who wished her child dead, fantasized about her being raped by farm animals, or who offered cash for nude pictures of her? They’re not trolls at all.

What kind of political reporter reacts to a relatively mild example of leftist intolerance with incredulity? Maybe Murphy needs a little remedial reading to understand that the left side of the aisle does this sort of thing routinely and at the highest levels.

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That’s a laudable sentiment, but one wonders how out of touch can you be and still call yourself a ‘reporter.”


Editor’s note: The title of this post has been amended to replace the word “thinks” with “wishes.”

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