Wishful thinking.

Um… Actually it’s nothing at all like that.

Maybe spend some of those “Firefly” or “Avengers” royalties on a civics class, Joss. (A book on basic logic might not hurt either.)

She played a mental health professional, sort of. So she’s an expert, sort of.

Valerie is so pretty.

Good question.

No uterus. No right to talk about it. Or something.

We can only assume that Joss Whedon and his adoring fans would agree that poor people should have no vote on what tax rates the wealthy have to pay.  And surely anyone who can’t define what an “assault weapon” is  shouldn’t be allowed to vote on whether to ban them. And unless someone has access to and understands every scrap of military intelligence, they should not have any say on national security issues, right?

You think?

Because shut up, racist misogynist bigot!



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