One would hope, but remember this is the country that elected Barack Obama. Twice. As a group, we’re not exactly behaving rationally lately.


The colossal left wing freak out over the Hobby Lobby ruling is not only based on a complete misunderstanding of the ruling and the law but on two outlandishly contrived premises.

The first is that employees are the unwilling prisoners of their employers. The Left thinks people would literally be trapped into working for the Taliban Corporation on an IED assembly line with no chance of ever walking away to find other work at a less terroristy company.

The second is that anything that is not covered by your employer provided insurance policy is irrevocably unavailable to you, forever and ever, amen. Your children will get polio while you are chained to a drill press at Taliban Industries because your insurance will not cover their vaccines.

There are adult people—considered to be intellectuals by many, no doubt—who are taking this piece seriously.

A news editor at KING5 in Seattle.

A filmmaker.

Fulbright Scholar at Harvard.

Pulitzer Prize winning columnist.

University professor.

Writer at “Esquire.”

Law professor.

They are not joking.

Our problem is far bigger than one Supreme Court ruling.