Democrats know that when you’re spinning a scary story it’s best not to put the monster front and center, because people’s imaginations can scare them much more efficiently given just the suggestion of a monster.

Also, with regard to this tweet, Congressman John Lewis is just making the monster up.

Lewis (D-GA) is rightfully recognized as a heroic figure from the 1960s civil rights movement. Unfortunately, he has been a Democrat Congressman for going on three decades now, so he has become just another run of the mill political hack. Exploiting black voters’ fears is par for the course with Democrats in general but especially so for those who represent majority black districts. How better to get reelected than to make your constituents think the other side hates them?

Lewis has squandered his bona fides in order to spout the equivalent of Joe Biden’s moronic “They’re gonna put you back in chains,” nonsense.

Lewis may have forgotten that it was primarily his own party who fought against the Civil Rights Act and equality for blacks in general. More likely he has just become convinced that the truth is inconvenient to his political party’s goals.

Interesting. Racists joined the party that was fighting for racial equality. That makes little sense, but sadly, as with things like the Spanish Inquisition, the scary fiction has become the conventional wisdom. “Conventional wisdom” is often just another way of describing Goebbel’s “Big Lie” theory.

It is more of the same. The Left has found a political tactic that helps them retain power while also making a lot of Republicans afraid to stand up to Barack Obama’s bad policies.  They vilify any black person who doesn’t toe the Democrat line because their existence destroys the false narrative. And they incessantly repeat the big lie like John Lewis just did.



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