The gun grabbers are restless. Presumably the latest round of anti-gun hysteria was kicked off by remarks made by President Obama during a Tumblr Q&A. The Q&A, took place roughly around the same time violent jihadists were overrunning the second largest city in Iraq and absconding with weapons America provided to the Iraqi Security Forces, but for President Selfie, the show must go on.


Part of dear leader’s words of wisdom:

“I am prepared to work with anybody including responsible sportsmen and gun owners to craft some solutions but right now it’s not even possible to get even the mildest restrictions through Congress, and we should be ashamed of that.”

No need to explain how more “mild”  restrictions would actually prevent gun violence, because it’s the intent that matters not results. Instead let’s just imply that America sucks because we have the Second Amendment. So while actual terrorists were on the march in Iraq and the Taliban’s dream team is living large in Qatar, the lefty moonbats were busy arguing about how the National Rifle Association should be classified as a terrorist organization.

(It’s not officially a progressive freakout until someone takes a shot at Fox News.)

So, what do you propose? Providing the NRA with private villas in Qatar?