Many are reporting that a 13 year old Ukrainian boy named Eugene Goostman has passed the Turing Test. Well, not an actual boy—Eugene is a computer simulation.

What’s a Turning Test? Basically it is a test to measure a computer’s ability to think like a human being.

A test proposed by British mathematician Alan Turing, and often taken as a test of whether a computer has humanlike intelligence. If a panel of human beings conversing with an unknown entity (via keyboard, for example) believes that that entity is human, and if the entity is actually a computer, then the computer is said to have passed the Turing test.

Basically, the Eugene Goostman simulation fooled about thirty percent of the human judges into thinking Eugene was a human being. Not everyone is convinced that this is such a big milestone though.

To be honest we’re not sure whether Martin O’Malley’s Reddit AMA would have passed.

It’s no small feat to be sure. As with a lot of things, the real implications won’t truly be understood until the media circus leaves town.

Scientific achievement like anything else on Twitter is always a good excuse for jokes.