If that were true, mass shootings wouldn’t even be news anymore given that the “Call of Duty” series alone has sold about 100 million copies and has tens of millions of people playing online. Video games are EVERYWHERE. Sure, parents ought to be more discerning in what they let their kids play, but if games were the source of violence in our society we’d be living in a Mad Max movie.


Um…so he didn’t play video games but he’s an example of why video games lead to violence? Mmmkay.

It does seem a bit hypocritical for a Hollywood star to come down on violent video games. Is the virtual violence in “Dr. Giggles” different somehow?



Ok, so maybe it’s been a while since Combs appeared in that turkey, but when it comes time for the pseudoscientific psychobabble, why is it always the video games that get blamed when graphic violence is the bread and butter of Hollywood?



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