Yesterday, President Obama scored Obamacare 8 points out of 10. Many California Obamacare enrollees, however, seem to disagree. There are currently 196 reviews of Covered California on Yelp, of which a whopping 177 have just 1 star (the lowest possible ranking).


NONE of my trusted doctors I have history with accept Covered California. It’s taboo! You present a card with that stupid little blue symbol in the corner. Good luck. Shame city…. You will be shunned [link]

I can log on and see that in March I paid 4 months worth of premiums.  But when I click on the payment history link, it says there’s no history of me EVER making a payment.  Then a pop-up window tells me that the policy is no longer active.  The crazy letters I’ve been getting have the same policy number but 2 different application numbers.  Both are apparently entered into their database and are in conflict with each other.  I’ve tried to explain this to the customer service techs but they say they can’t help me. [link]

I’m all for the ACA but this website is a massive, stinking, pathetic example of governmental incompetence.  WHAT A PIECE OF TRASH I can’t imagine how many people are going to give up on getting insurance because of how bad this site is. It actually makes me sad. [link]

Can i give zero stars. First their website sucks, sucks, sucks. Told me i already had a username which i didn’t then it locked me out because i did not answer the security question correctly which i never set up to begin with!!!!  Now i have been on hold for over an hour just trying to talk to somebody and it is just music over and over with no updates or nothing. Seriously it is making me crazy. This is the worst experience ever. Yet if i don’t go through this hell i get hung on a noose tomorrow morning. [link]

ANTHEM WEBSITE IN NETWORK DOCS is NOT ACCURATE. I FOUND OUT AFTER LOOKING UP MY awesome doctor and seeing that Anthem’s website lists him as “IN NETWORK” that he is NOT IN NETWORK and hasn’t been for 15 years.  Now I have to find another doctor.  ANTHEM is paying doctors so little that many of the good ones aren’t in network.  If there was a 0 stars, I’d choose that rating. [link]

This is the worst website you will ever have to use. Bravo on creating a completely useless, steaming pile of shite. The telephone lines when you have to repeatedly call them are under staffed so expect a ninety minute each time you call because you are stuck in step 9,999 of Dante’s Inferno. I have spent about 16 hours over the last couple of days on this website – refreshing, logging out and back in again – just hoping and praying that there might be some way in hell of getting it to work eventually. Unfortunately this website is designed to waste the maximum amount of your time and effort without ever allowing you to successfully complete your application. Every single person involved should be tortured by the CIA before being shipped out to Guantanamo Bay for re-education. [link]

Wait time to see a doctor is over a month and a half while my symptoms progressively get worse. I don’t know what to do at this point. I have tried multiple times to schedule an appointment sooner stating my situation and worsening symptoms, but am shut down at every turn and told I have to wait it out till my schedualed appointment. I will get better insurance as soon as possible. I would never recommend such horrible insurance to anyone. [link]

I started out a healthy 29 year old …………………After dealing with Covered CA I now need a psychiatrist and a defibrillator. They have quite literally brought me to the breaking point. [link]

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