Steven Crowder does it again:

Gay wedding cakes!

Yes folks, I did this. I went there. You have this now.  As I was discussing on last week’s radio show/podcast Actually, I taped this video a long time ago but due to audio corruption issues, was never able to upload it.  Now that my in-house whizz kid, Jared was able to salvage the footage, I am passing it onto you.

What do you think happens when a gay, like SUPER gay Crowder tries to get a super gay wedding cake baked at a Muslim bakery? I’m pretty sure you can guess, but you might as well watch this week’s adventure to Dearborn, MI to find out!

He is getting rave reviews, and rightly so.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s the video:

And here, in a Twitchy exclusive, is the Left’s protest of these Muslim anti-gay bakeries:


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