That’s Lindsey Bever, a national reporter at the Washington Post. Yesterday, she and others reported that George Zimmerman, the ex-neighborhood watchman acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin, had compared himself to Holocaust victim Anne Frank.

Just one problem: It isn’t true. Zimmerman’s video (available here) shows what he actually said:

I do try and keep my ideals the same. I do try and remain pragmatic. Because despite it all, I still believe that people are truly good at heart, as Anne Frank has said. And I will put myself in any position to help another human in any way I can.

He described one of his ideals, then mentioned that Frank shared that particular ideal. That is quite different from comparing himself to Frank.

The Post implicitly acknowledged its smear when it quietly changed its headline yesterday.

Old headline:

“George Zimmerman compares himself to Anne Frank, blames Obama for his woes”

New headline:

“George Zimmerman compares his ideals to Anne Frank’s, blames Obama for woes”

The URL of the Post article remains unchanged:

The Post has not run a retraction, correction, or apology.

The Post apparently ignored its own corrections policy,which states that corrections should be noted at the top of the story:

When a correction is made online, the story editor is responsible for alerting universal, home-page and social teams to make the necessary changes to headlines and blurbs. The change should be made within the article and the correction should also be noted at the top of the item.

Predictably, the misreported story led to quite the hate-fest on Twitter. A few examples:

Zimmerman hasn’t tweeted since September, but the first sentence of his last tweet sums it all up:


The Post has published a correction:

Correction: An earlier headline on this post incorrectly said Zimmerman compared himself to Anne Frank.

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