That’s the theory offered up by Max Everett, who worked as Chief Information Officer at the White House under the Bush Administration.

The Washington Free Beacon has just posted an article with some information about Hothem:

the name is similar to that of Eric Hothem, who worked as a staff assistant for Clinton during her time as First Lady.

Hothem was involved in multiple personal matters during his service to Clinton and played a role in the controversy surrounding the pardon given to former President Bill Clinton’s half-brother Roger Clinton.

A congressional investigation into Clinton’s clemency decisions found that as Roger Clinton refused to testify to the committee in March 2001, he received a $15,000 wire transfer from a Citibank account in the care of Hothem.

Editor’s note: The link in this story originally said “Daily Beacon.” That has been changed to the correct source, which is the Washington Free Beacon. We apologize for the error.


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