Last night Cesar Conda, former Chief of Staff to Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., tweeted an op-ed piece in the Miami Herald by A. J. Delgado. The op-ed, which is favorable to Rubio’s political prospects bluntly (and accurately) describes the Florida Senator’s “Gang of Eight” immigration reform bill as amnesty:

He [Rubio] embraced amnesty for millions of undocumented immigrants … As much as grassroots conservatives loved Rubio, they hated amnesty more … while his advisers undoubtedly thought his amnesty push would at least help him with Hispanic voters, it failed to do so…

Less than two years ago, of course, Conda famously proclaimed that the Gang of Eight bill was “the toughest enforcement and border security law in American history”:

At the time, Conda was Rubio’s chief of staff.  Both he and Rubio insisted over and over again that the bill was not amnesty:

Conda no longer works for Rubio, but has been promoting his former boss on Twitter. We wonder if he read all of Delgado’s piece, or just the flattering headline.

Rubio, for his part, is still in denial.



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