As Twitchy reported yesterday, liberals are upset that the very widely covered “NAACP Bombing” isn’t getting enough media coverage. Yet it still is not known whether the person responsible was in fact targeting the NAACP.  According to a picture published in the Colorado Springs Gazette earlier today, the explosion was closer to Mr. G’s hair salon than to the NAACP office:

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 11.42.01 AM

As we asked yesterday, “Does it strike anyone else as odd that the ‘NAACP bomber’ didn’t place his firecracker in front of the NAACP’s office?”

Now the Gazette reports that “the FBI is investigating whether the barbershop could have been targeted.”

We doubt you’ll hear much about that on MSNBC.


Agitators hype ‘#NAACPBombing’ incident, but questions linger