Yesterday, Twitchy covered the story about Elit Kirschenbaum, the outraged mother who slammed United over “deplorable” treatment of her special-needs daughter, Ivy. To the consternation of CNN’s Jake Tapper, United has doubled down:

A spokeswoman for United told ABC News, “The parents, who were ticketed in first class, wanted to hold the child in their lap rather than have the child take the seat they’d purchased for her in economy. Federal safety regulations require any child over the age of two to have his or her own seat, and flight attendants are required by law to enforce that safety rule…”

In light of this new information, many Tweeters are siding with United:

Tapper isn’t backing down:

Montel Williams is siding with Tapper — and Kirschenbaum:

Who is right? Before answering that, be sure to read this excerpt from ABC’s article:

[Kirschenbaum] said she explained over and over again that Ivy was incapable of sitting up on her own. The other flight attendants got involved and, according to Kirschenbaum, were conferring with and “pleading” with the fourth flight attendant to let Ivy sit on her mother’s lap, to no avail.

The flight attendants pleading Kirschenbaum’s case then found a flight attendant’s handbook, Kirschenbaum said, that allowed for an exception to be made if the passenger cannot sit by themselves. But the flight attendant would not budge. [Emphasis added.]



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