A well-known Ferguson, Mo., protester was arrested this week after he allegedly tried to burn down a convenience store in Berkeley, Mo.:

St. Louis County Police charged Josh Williams, 19, of St. Louis, with first-degree arson, second-degree burglary and stealing under $500. They say that on Dec. 24, Williams started “multiple fires inside and outside” the QuikTrip store and “recklessly” placed nearby people in serious danger. He also stole a lighter, some gum and cash, police say.

In charging documents, police say Williams’ actions were recorded by surveillance cameras and news media. The teen later confessed on video to setting the fires during looting at the QuikTrip, police said.

Three months ago, a MSNBC profile quoted Williams saying, “We have to come together as one and show them we can be peaceful, that we can do this. If not, they’re going to just want us to act up so (police) can pull out their toys on us again” [emphasis added].

The news of Williams’ arrest prompted David Clarke, the straight-shooting Democrat sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisc., to post this tweet:



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