That’s video of Portland’s #ICantBreathe protesters …  brought to you via LaughingAtLiberals.

From the video description, posted at Youtube:

Portland protesters blocked the busy intersection of 39th & Belmont, got into several shouting matches with drivers, sung Christmas carol parodies that included “Deck the halls with rows of dead cops” and “Cop free Christmas”, chanted “What do we want? NO COPS”, got into more shouting and shoving matches, and were plowed into by one driver on Peacock Lane, which is home to one of the biggest Christmas light displays in Portland.

We recommend watching the entire video; here are some of the highlights:

– handicapped elderly woman tells protesters who are blocking her way, “Move your butt. I need that bus … I’m handicapped in a lot of ways. Now move your butt!” (0:52).

– woman who is trying to pick up her son tells protesters “get the f*ck out of the way … move to the sidewalk … you’re a f*cking dick. I’ve gotta get my son … Get the f*ck out of the way!” (1:32).

– “What do we want? No cops! When do we want it. Now!” (2:37)