Twitchy readers may recall that liberal commentator Sally Kohn falsely accused Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson of murdering Michael Brown while he was fleeing with his hands up.

Now two New York Police Department officers have been murdered, and Kohn is upset with those of us who believe that inflammatory, anti-cop rhetoric by the Left is partly to blame. So yesterday evening she offered up this analogy:

That might pass muster in a Common Core classroom, but sane people were quick to point out the absurdity:

This is a good reminder, too:


Sally Kohn: ‘Only sure facts … Mike Brown was unarmed and fleeing with hands up.’

Sally Kohn still hasn’t retracted her ‘sure fact’ that Michael Brown was ‘fleeing with hands up.’

With ‘sure fact’ about Ferguson shooting proven false, Sally Kohn blasts rush to smear Michael Brown



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