dispute between Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. Marco Rubio over U.S.-Cuba policy is escalating. The dispute began late last week after Rubio criticized what he described as capitulation by Obama. Paul responded in a radio interview, an op-ed, and via Twitter:

Rubio responded earlier today by saying that Paul is Obama’s chief cheerleader on foreign policy:

Sen. Marco Rubio responded to criticism from fellow Republican and potential 2016 presidential rival Sen. Rand Paul over his position on Cuba, insisting today that he would oppose the “Obama-Paul foreign policy,” and referring to the Kentucky senator as “chief cheerleader” of the president’s overseas agenda.

“Rand, if he wants to become the chief cheerleader of Obama’s foreign policy, he certainly has a right to do that,” Rubio, R-Fla., told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on “This Week.” “I’m going to continue to oppose the Obama-Paul foreign policy on Cuba because I know it won’t lead to freedom and liberty for the Cuban people, which is my sole interest here.”

Minutes ago, Sen. Paul posted the following tweet, which seems to take the dispute to a new level:

Whoa. Twitchy cannot recall such a fierce attack tweeted by one sitting U.S. Senator to another.

Clearly there is no love lost between these two Senators. Nevertheless, some readers are urging the two to put their differences aside and focus their fire on Democrats:


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