In the wake of the White House’s announcement that the U.S. is restoring relations with Cuba, Matt Drudge said this morning that he is praying for Cuban dissidents. He links to a 2009 report from Human Rights Watch, “New Castro, Same Cuba.” A summary:

This report shows how Raúl Castro has kept Cuba’s repressive machinery firmly in place and fully active since being handed power by his brother Fidel Castro. Scores of political prisoners arrested under Fidel continue to languish in prison, and Raúl has used draconian laws and sham trials to incarcerate scores more who have dared to exercise their fundamental rights. In particular, the Raúl Castro government has relied on a “dangerousness” provision in the Criminal Code that allows authorities to imprison individuals before they have committed a crime, on the suspicion that they might to commit an offense in the future.

Drudge also tweeted this rather cryptic message:

Drudge rarely posts to Twitter nowadays. All of his tweets other than the two he posted today have been deleted.



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