There’s trouble brewing in Fox News’ Julie Banderas’ building.

Here’s the full tweet:

Believe me I know! I had to call the NYPD last night on my neighbor who threatened my 2 year old and said she “would smack her” if she rang her doorbell again. My daughter is fascinated with doorbells now that she’s tall enough to reach them. If anyone were to lay a hand on my kid I’d end up in jail. RT @JohnWKrenek: @JulieBanderas What would you or I do to protect a child or a spouse? answer: any and everything necessary!!!!

She continued (tweets omitted for readability):

I have never come so close to hitting someone RT @carpro05: @JulieBanderas Poke her on the chest and ask her if she would like to practice with someone that would smack back?? 🙂

Yes. Last night. I have 2 older neighbors who despise children. This time a woman crossed the line. RT @gochico: @JulieBanderas This happened to you?

I did. Getting a protective order drawn up for the courts this week. RT @gochico: @JulieBanderas Must be Democrats. You don’t have to put up with that crap. Call the police. Call the homeowners association or whatever.

It’s my children I ache for. My 4 year old was there too and she made her cry. She is now terrified to go in the hallway for fear the “mean lady” will hit her. Cannot wait to talk to my good friend @PaulCallan about this

Has anyone such as a drunk maniac ever threatened to strike your child? Let’s talk after that happens. “@patek456: @JulieBanderas seems like you are being a little dramatic….”

Wow. That’s a great line. I’ll have to remember that one. “@TwistedTim76: @JulieBanderas yeah we had one threaten to hit her with a hammer I invited him round and said I would call him a ambulance before he arrived”

I have many friends in the NYPD they are advising me of the proper steps to take while talking me off the ledge since I told them what I wanted to do to her. “@GeriRosman: @JulieBanderas So sorry you’re going through this. Of course, safety of your girls is paramount! I still say get a big dog to scare her!”

If you’re thinking Banderas should have exercised greater control of her daughter, she says you need to think again:

To be fair you have no clue what you’re talking about. I run a no nonsense household and don’t stand for disrespectful behavior from my children. I rule with order. This woman who has been harassing us is about to learn I don’t mess around with bad behavior from strangers either. “@patek456: @JulieBanderas to be fair it seems like you don’t have control over your children”