In response to the St. Louis County grand jury’s decision tonight not to pursue charges against police officer Darren Wilson, actor/comedian Damon Wayans tweeted that “black life ain’t worth a damn in this country.”

He accused a Twitter user whose avatar is a cat of failing to understand the hurt that black Americans feel:

His full statement:

If they shot your cat ten times you’d I’m sure you’d have more understanding of the degree of hurt we blk people feel. RT @julies518: @DamonkWayans Come on, call it like it is! It’s a shame & tragedy that this kid acted like he did and died as a result, REGARDLESS of color!

Next, he argued that if Wilson were black and slain Ferguson, Mo., teenager Michael Brown were white, Wilson would have immediately been deemed guilty:

He continued on in that vein:

Finally, he retweeted someone’s assertion that Brown was murdered by Wilson while standing still with his hands in the air:

wayans rt

The official county autopsy strongly suggests that Brown didn’t have his hands up when he was shot.

Fortunately, not everyone was convinced by Wayans’ rant:


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