The official Twitter account of Congressman Rick Larsen, D-Wash., has replied to a parody account regarding the release of Americans Kenneth Bae and Matthew Todd Miller from North Korea over the weekend.

The parody account, which speaks in the voice of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, stated “No God was involved. I decided to release them.” In response, Rep. Larson said, “No. God is all about it.”

Rep. Larsen also took issue with the parody account’s statement that “I am not subject to your ridiculous Western alliances”:

According to Mother Jones, the official North Korea Twitter account is @uriminzok (meaning “our nation”). It has 19,100 followers. It tweets in Korean, not English.

The parody account to which Rep. Larsen replied — @NorthKoreaBoss — has only 111 followers. Here are some of the account’s tweets: