On Thursday, Twitchy brought you the story of the George Washington University cardiologist who sharply criticized the CDC’s instructions on Ebola protective gear for health care workers. Here were the tweets we featured in that post:

The instructions Dr. Reiner referenced were posted here and were linked on the CDC’s Ebola page under the title “Sequence for Putting On and Removing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)[PDF – 3 pages].”) Here is a screencap showing the link (inside the pink box) as of Thursday October 16th (three days ago):

CDC ebola page

Yesterday, the link to the instructions on CDC’s Ebola page was gone. It’s still gone today. Try going directly to the instructions and this “page not found” error comes up:

file not found

Many health care workers — not just Dr. Reiner — had expressed concerns (or, in some cases, outright alarm) about the now-removed instructions:

Thomas Frieden, the director of the CDC, defended the CDC’s guidelines last week on Megyn Kelly’s Fox News show. “More is not always better,” he said after Kelly asked him about CDC guidance to wear just one pair of gloves, and no protective gear for the head and feet. However, when he visited with Ebola patients in Africa Frieden wore a full hazmat suit.

Belgian politician Louis Ide, a member of the European Parliament, tweeted about the CDC’s removal of its guidelines:

“They should explain it on their site why they [did] so.” Indeed, they should.

We’re sure the Ebola czar will get right on this.


Via the Wayback Machine, here’s a link to the now-deleted poster.


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