Saturday morning, the hashtag #JusticeForAvaLynn is one of the top trending topics in the U.S., with thousands of people (including several celebs) trying to raise awareness of the alleged schoolyard beating of a young Mississippi girl named AvaLynn.

The injury occurred Tuesday at Arlington Elementary School in Pascagoula, Miss. The Pascagoula School District reportedly issued this statement about the incident:

“A student was injured while playing on the playground at Arlington Elementary School Tuesday afternoon.   School officials responded to the situation.  The parent was contacted and the student received medical treatment. No other children were involved in the incident. The Pascagoula School District remains committed to the safety of all its students.”

[Emphasis added.]

AvaLynn’s mom, Lacey Harris, filed a police report. Police in Pascagoula, however, said there is no active investigation. “Right now, there’s no indication something criminal took place,” Pascagoula Police Department Lt. Jim Roe told

Harris has set up a page, which has raised more than $3,000 to date.

We feel badly about AvaLynn’s injuries, but can we really be sure those injuries were caused by a schoolyard bully?


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