American distance runners Shannon Rowbury and Jenny Simpson waged a thrilling battle to the line in the women’s 1500m in Zurich, Switzerland, yesterday, with Simpson narrowly prevailing in 3:59.92 to Rowbury’s 3:59.93. Looking at the photo above, it’s hard to believe these two women were separated by even one one-hundredth of  a second.

Video of the race is here with replays starting at around 5:30:

It was an ugly finish, with both Simpson and Rowbury falling (or diving?) near the line. In the end, however, Simpson won fair and square. At least that’s how most reasonable people saw it.

Not Rowbury.¬†One of her fans tweeted,¬†‚ÄúThat win should have been yours #robbed‚ÄĚ

Rowbury appeared to agree with that sentiment:

Robbed? Really? Wow.

Ironically, Rowbury herself came under fire for allegedly trying to impede another runner at the national championships earlier this summer.

To navigate around Rowbury at the end of the race, eventual winner Molly Huddle had to move all the way out into lane 3!



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