Matt Silverstein, an investment advisor, is running for the U.S. Senate in Oklahoma. On Tuesday evening, this tweet was published from his Twitter account:

pandas in bathtub

And this one:

i love pandas

The first tweet includes the hashtag #forthewombats. Are the pandas in the bathtub supposed to be a gift for the wombats? Or are the pandas there at the behest of the wombats? Twitchy cannot say with certainty.

The second tweet is even more confusing. It reveals Silverstein’s love for both pandas and wombats but solicits votes only for the wombats. How does he think that will make the pandas feel?

Finally, who is the dude in the photo and what does he have to do with pandas and wombats?

Both tweets were deleted within minutes. But not before a local politician wondered out loud what the heck Silverstein was on:

Silverstein had no clue:

Finally, the spoilsport from Politwoops came along to tell him:

So Silverstein thinks his account was “compromised” but he’s not sure.  Maybe his account was infiltrated by a panda. Or a wombat. Or the guy who hacked into Russell Burgos’ Disqus account.

(Deleted tweets via Politwoops.)