Anson Clarkson is the political director for Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Doug Ducey. As Twitchy reported on Tuesday, Clarkson posted a tweet in early 2013 attacking anti-amnesty conservatives as “closet racists.” He also accused Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin of marginalizing Latinos and using “trite sound bites” in her opposition to amnesty.

This morning Clarkson apologized for his earlier remarks. At the time of this writing, his apology tweet is the only one remaining in his account.

Here are a few of the deleted tweets, for posterity:

Anson Clarkson!/amattclarkson/status/295974801279971328!/amattclarkson/status/296044841056468995

A poll released yesterday shows Ducey up two points over rival Scott Smith, the mayor of Mesa. The primary is August 26th.

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