Was Sigrid an illegal immigrant? A legal immigrant? Who cares! Superboy encouraged American kids to be kind to the girl, which in the mind of Oliver Willis means he was practically a card-carrying member of the Open Borders Lobby. Because all people who support enforcement of America’s immigration laws hate ethnic food, or something.

But Willis wasn’t done:

Judging from the artwork, our best guess is that this comic book — possibly an issue of either Superman or Action Comics — was published about 50 years ago. Are today’s “refugees” from Central America fleeing war, persecution, or natural disaster like their predecessors did during the 1960s?

Based on the name of the boy, the likely date of the comic book, and the fact that one must travel over ocean waters to reach the boy’s home country, we have a feeling Sandor might have come here from Cuba. Most Cuban immigrants at that time had middle-class backgrounds. They came to the U.S. because they were fleeing repressive Communism in the wake of the Cuban Revolution.

Anti-Communists and their kids deserve Americans’ support, but even Superman can only do so much:

They’re probably future Democrats.