It hasn’t been CNN contributor Sally Kohn’s best day. First, she insinuated that conservatives who ignore the U.S.-Canada border are racist. When readers challenged her, she denied having said what she said, despite the fact that everyone knows perfectly well what she said.

Among those criticizing Kohn were Congressman Steven Smith from Georgia’s 15th congressional district, and his ace chief of staff, T.J. Mitch Johnson:

Kohn  held up that last tweet as a perfect example of right-wing bigotry, far more offensive than anything she has ever tweeted:

Problem is, Rep. Steven Smith isn’t an elected official, T.J. Mitch Johnson isn’t Smith’s chief of staff, and the 15th congressional district of Georgia does not exist.

Don’t feel too badly, Ms. Kohn. The phony Rep. Smith account has managed to fool quite a few people over the years, including “Daily Show” co-creator Lizz Winstead, liberal syndicated columnist David SirotaCNN host Christiane Amanpour, Voxsplainer Ezra Klein, and Touré.


Sally Kohn implies conservatives ignore the US-Canada border because they are racist; Updated with Kohn denial

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