Hmm, we wonder who will pay for all those lawyers. We’re pretty sure the illegal aliens won’t.

According to, the American Civil Liberties Union “has already sued the federal government to ensure that each of the 60,000-plus unaccompanied children who have come across the border since November gets taxpayer-funded representation at deportation hearings” [emphasis added].

Welcome to the Immigration Lawyers’ Enrichment Act.

Remember, a whole nine days ago, when White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest insisted that most unaccompanied minor illegal aliens will be deported?

Ha ha, that was a good one. The unfortunate truth is that most will never be removed:

More than a decade ago, Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin described the U.S. deportation system as “It Ain’t Over ‘Til the Alien Wins.”

Same old, same old.

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