After meeting with Israel’s Ambassador to the U.S. yesterday, Rep. Jeff Duncan, R-S.C.,  installed the “Red Alert: Israel” App on his phone. This morning he took to Twitter to explain why.

The link goes to Duncan’s Facebook page, where he writes:

When I visited Israel in 2011, we met with a woman who lives on a farm near Gaza. She shared with us how they teach their children about “Code Red” – which means incoming enemy fire, go to the bomb shelter. She had a coloring book/story book about how the color “Red” felt ostracized by the other colors but ultimately understood that “Red” was saving lives. The 2nd was a board game like “Chutes and Ladders” we played as children – but in this game if you landed on “Code Red” your player slid down to a bomb shelter. That is how they teach their children.

She then passed around two large shoe boxes with rocket and mortar fragments which she had picked up from her yard. I don’t have a rocket and mortar fragment collection. Do you? I doubt anyone in America does.

This speaks to the existential threat that the people in Israel live with constantly.

Well put, congressman.


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