That’s from Rep. Frank Pallone, a Democrat congressman from New Jersey who is co-sponsor of an amnesty bill.

The implication is that the soccer players who are whited out are immigrants. Get it? The U.S. can’t succeed in soccer unless we enact amnesty and a massive increase in legal immigration. The #TimeisNow! Because American-born soccer players suck! Or something.

We’re curious to know why Rep. Pallone thinks Alejandro Bedoya and Omar Gonzalez are “immigrants.” Both have Hispanic-sounding names, but they were born on U.S. soil. We certainly hope Rep. Pallone isn’t engaging in racial/ethnic profiling.

Just out of curiosity we decided to take a looksy at the birth places and biographical backgrounds of all 11 of Pallone’s “immigrants”:

Some of these “immigrants” hold (or held) dual citizenship. Nonetheless, all of them appear to have been U.S. citizens at the time of their births, and there’s a good chance that they retained U.S. citizenship to the present.

Lying. It’s what amnesty proponents do. Over and over and over again.

(It is possible that Pallone will say he meant that the whited-out players are descendants of immigrants. That would be a factually accurate claim, but it is even more moronic than the original argument since in that case all the players would be whited-out. It doesn’t appear that any of the players are full-blood Native Americans. Anyway, even Native Americans have ancestors who came to this continent from elsewhere.)


Check out all the other Dems spreading this graphic on Twitter. Surprise! Anyone surprised that the list includes Nancy Pelosi?

Correction: We have corrected the birthplaces of Bedoya, Altidore and Jones. While this doesn’t weaken the point of the post, we owe it to our readers to be accurate. In addition, we have corrected the spelling of Omar Gonzalez’s name. Sorry for the errors.