Immigration was a major issue in Dave Brat’s successful campaign against House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Specifically, Cantor supports amnesty; Brat opposes it.

Former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer says Brat’s victory tonight ensures “immigration reform” (by which he means amnesty, though he doesn’t call it that) is dead in the water.

PowerLine agrees:

Cantor’s defeat is all about immigration. A vast gulf has opened up between certain Republican leaders, like Cantor and Paul Ryan, who seemingly are doing the bidding of corporate interests that would like to drive down wages, and the Republican rank and file.

So does The New Republic:

The immediate policy implications of this are clear: Immigration reform is completely dead. It was a very longshot before Tuesday night. Now, it’s 100 percent over. Cantor’s loss shows how toxic the subject is for any incumbent Republican.

And Miami Herald political writer Marc Caputo:

The No. 2 Republican in the U.S. House is a goner.

And amid the ashes of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s shocking defeat Tuesday, comprehensive immigration reform smolders.

And countless others on both Left and Right:

Amnesty supporters are spinning. Hard:

“Anti-immigrant”? Cantor? Um…

Cantor relentneess in push for amnesty for illegal alien youth

Days from primary, Eric Cantor poses as anti-amnesty warrior

Democratic amnesty fan Luis Gutierrez helping Eric Cantor get reelected in order to protect immigration reform

Bless their Open Borders hearts.


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 Editor’s note: This post was edited to correct the name of Miami Herald political writer Marc (not Eric) Caputo. Twitchy regrets the error.