Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Dallas, listed a Dallas efficiency apartment as his permanent residential address when he filed for re-election:

pete sessions address

Last month, Sessions denied allegations that he no longer lives in the 32nd congressional district:

Sessions said in an emailed statement that he still lived in Dallas, though he also spent time in Florida.

“My wife and I are working hard to make our combined families work well,” Sessions said. “With five boys living in four cities and the two of us working in three different cities, it is clearly a balancing act.

That was good enough for Texas Tribune reporter Aman Batheja, who claimed on Twitter that Sessions had “refuted” allegations that he no longer lives in Texas:

Sessions said he lives in Dallas, so it must be true!

Batheja’s reporting was published in the New York Times.

Some people, however, still seem unconvinced:

The video above, published on YouTube yesterday by the White Rock Tea Party, can only reinforce those doubts.

From the video’s description:

Unit #1197 at 8547 Southwestern in The Village Apartments complex appears to be completely empty. Neighbors living closest to Unit #1197 report that no one lives in the apartment, and that it has been empty for years. They have not seen anyone coming or going, to or from the apartment, and have never seen anyone resembling Pete Sessions in the area — ever.

Sessions is being challenged in the GOP primary by Katrina Pierson, a Tea Party activist who was endorsed by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin yesterday.